Now is your chance.

The Wixom Historical Society is collecting submissions for a time capsule they will be burying next spring. Collect photos, letters, stories and more. Fit as much as you want into a 5×7 envelope, and for $5 you can place your story into the time capsule.

The time capsule will be opened in 2058, the 100th anniversary of Wixom becoming a city. It will be buried on the grounds of the Wixom Wire House, which once served as home to one of the city’s founders.

The project is sponsored by the Wixom Historical Society.

“It’s perfect timing. When we had started the idea, COVID-19 was not even in anybody’s thoughts. As it struck, we realized that this was really going to be a historic moment in time for the city and we’re going to get more interesting information than we ever even thought to be possible,” Wixom Historical Society President Laure Dorchak said.

Dorchak’s husband came up with the idea for a time capsule about a year ago. With several of the group’s traditional fundraisers and events now cancelled due to coronavirus, the timing for this novel fundraiser is perfect.

Submissions of all types are welcome, but Dorchak says those that encapsulate everyday life in 2020 are best.

“People often think they have to do something spectacular, but what people find interesting about the past is just the regular activities that people did,” she said. “COVID-19, that goes without saying. It would be very interesting to see how people had to modify their lifestyle for COVID, anything from wearing masks, to modifications at work. How were people’s lives affected because school was closed? Anything like that. In 38 years from now all of this will be of such interest to people because it will be so different than anything that they would be experiencing.”

Of course, your story doesn’t have to be about the coronavirus, says Dorchak. You can include anything you want about your life, family, friends, work, sports or events.

Residents of Wixom, as well as business owners and residents of neighboring communities are invited to submit items.

“Even now as life is getting a little more busy, there is still time to write some thoughts down or take some pictures of the family and what you look like in your masks or how you have to change things when you go to the store,” she said. “All those things I think people will really enjoy seeing later.”

To receive your envelope, contact any Wixom Historical Society Board member, or email Dorchak at For more information, visit

Author Name Ali Armstrong
Publication Date 9.16.20