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Downtown Wixom’s newest business, and first retail store, will open sometime this spring.

Green Goat Gifts, a whimsical gift shop and home décor store, will be located in Wixom’s downtown district, next to Alex’s Pizzeria.

“What we’re hoping to accomplish with Green Goat Gifts is that we would offer unique items that you can’t necessarily find at a big-box store nearby,” co-owner Caitlin Hartman said. “In our little town of Wixom there’s no real retail space and that’s something that’s been lacking. It is something that we had hoped would go in there, and we realized we could be the ones to bring it.”

Caitlin says opening a store has been something she has always wanted to do, but never thought would happen. Last summer, during a date night with her husband, Steve, they noticed the open retail space next to Alex’s Pizzeria and he sprang into action.

“I am very grateful that he took the initiative to do it. It’s something we had both been wanting to do and dreaming of for a while,” Caitlin said. “The more we looked into opening the business, the more we realized how great of an opportunity it was.”

“When we started thinking about the store, we met with the Wixom Downtown Development Authority and they were also very excited to finally have a possible retail spot in their downtown area,” Steve said. “Where we’re located there’s restaurants, there’s a Dairy Queen and a 7-Eleven, but there isn’t really a place where people can shop. When we made it public that we were going to do this, that’s a lot of things that people came back with: finally, a place to shop.”

The Hartmans are building their business from the ground up, literally. The space has never been occupied and currently has a dirt floor.

Once open, shoppers will find soaps, lotions and skincare products, items for kids, clothing, glassware, home décor, pet toys and treats, as well as items from local artists. Additionally, they plan on partnering with local schools to sell school spirit merchandise.

“We want to be part of the community and we want to help serve the community,” Steve said. “We have talked with some elementary schools, and we’ll reach out to middle and high schools, but offer to sell their merchandise. Right down the street from us is Wixom Elementary and they are the Wixom Wolves. They have shirts, winter hats. We would sell those products in our store year-round…and a portion of profits would go back to the school or PTA.”

Public anticipation of the store’s opening is great, with the Hartmans saying they have already received lots of positive comments. Currently, they are planning for an early April opening.

Green Goat Gifts will be located in downtown Wixom, off Pontiac Trail, next to Alex’s Pizzeria. For more information, “like” them on Facebook or email

Author Name Ali Zimnie
Publication Date 2/3/2021