Go ahead, be a kid in a candy store. That’s what the owners of downtown Northville’s newest shop wants.

Northville residents Alicia and Ryan Racine recently opened Sugar Lu’s, a colorful candy store selling treats from across the world. The store, open at 116 E. Main, opened in mid-August and sells a variety of sweet goodies from taffy and candy sticks to imported candy from Asia.

The goal for the shop, Alicia Racine said, is to invoke fond memories for customers of all ages when they step inside Sugar Lu’s.

“It’s nostalgic, but it’s ‘modern nostalgic,'” she said. “It’s not like old-timey in there. We wanted it to be really contemporary in there.” 

This isn’t the first time candy has been on the Racine’s minds. The couple, who also own Adorn flower shop next door, moved in three years ago to downtown Northville, sharing space with Chocolates by Renee. As the floral business grow, the couple bought the chocolate business to expand their own business.

Then, when The Moon and Me toddler boutique closed earlier this year, they decided to try their hands on a new concept, especially since the shops are connected in the back. 

“We sort of fell into the candy,” she said. “We never really intended to be in the candy business.”

A display case holds several higher-end chocolate truffles, the only loose item in the store. The shelves stock plenty of other sweets, including some international brands from places like Japan.

Racine said one of the more popular items has been Popin’ Cookin’, a Japanese candy set that allows owners to sort of “create” candy dishes that look like other foods such as sushi or hamburgers. 

“We’re sort of trying to cover all the bases, so there’s a little something for everyone there,” she said. 

Since opening, the couple has been surprised at the level of interest the shop has drawn, drawing in customers of all ages. Part of the appeal comes from the uniqueness of the shop’s offerings: customers looking to grab a Snickers bar or a bag of M&Ms won’t find those at Sugar Lu’s.

“We’re not trying to offer the same kinds of things you’d get at CVS or the gas station,” Ryan Racine said.

The shop is open from noon to 8 p.m. daily. 

Source: http://www.hometownlife.com
Author Name David Veselenak
Publication Date 8.26.20