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European-style café, bar, and bistro to open in downtown Northville

The Racine family is tripling down on downtown Northville. 

Alicia and Ryan Racine first opened Adorn Fine Flowers in downtown Northville back in 2017. The couple, unswayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, would go on to open Sugar Lu’s candy shop in August 2020.

Now, just a year later, the Racines are readying the opening of their latest venture: Toria, a European-style café, bar, and bistro that also offers catering services.

Reservations are being accepted online beginning Sunday, Aug. 15, and an opening date is set for Tuesday, Aug. 15.

“We love this community and how supportive it is for small businesses. It’s an exciting time with all that is happening in downtown Northville, and we saw an opportunity to further involve our creative vision in that future,” says co-owner Alicia Racine. Read more


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Author Name thepinkreportnews
Publication Date August 17, 2021