With sports and many other group activities shut down for the summer because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are searching for ways to both keep busy and stay active without heading to a gym.

A perfect solution may include bike riding.

Southeast Michigan features a great number of bike riding trails, especially places suited for mountain biking.

Luckily for area residents, these trails are easy to get to and are affordable.

Milford is probably the southeast Michigan mecca for mountain biking trails,” Motor City Mountain Biking Association member and trail coordinator Bill Hermann said. “There’s more trails out here than anywhere else in lower Michigan.”

Hermann builds mountain biking trails in his spare time and is an avid biker. He also organizes the Milford Biking Festival, which typically draws in around 400 people a year to ride on the 100 miles of bike trail in the area, both paved and unpaved.

“Go to a local bike shop, pick up a good bike, spend a little more money than you think you’re going to spend to get a halfway decent bike and go try it,” Hermann said. “Make sure you have a helmet, gloves and go from there. Always wear a helmet when you ride a bike.”

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Source: http/hometownlife.com
Author Name Andrew Vailliencourt
Publication Date July 14, 2020